Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to Overcome the Overwhelms: IWSG + the BIG Reveal

You're a hair away from imploding due to stress. You don't know how you can manage ONE MORE THING, say nothing about keeping up all the balls you have in the air.

How in the world are you supposed to dig yourself free of the insanity so you can do important things like breathe?

If you're there, you're not alone.

A quick hello to all my wonderful friends! I'm back on the blogosphere...sort of. This is an experiment. Normally I visit 100 to 200 blogging buddies on blogging day, but life has changed yet again, as life does. Per request, here's a sweet little hint as to why:

Actually, she's not so little, for a newborn.
So I'll be slow getting around to visit everyone. Very slowly. Like 5 blogs a day. But hey, it's a place to start.

For those of you who want more details (because I know there are a few), here you go:

She threatened to come DURING Hurricane Irma, but thankfully all the prayers on our behalf held her in. A week later, and after 24 hours of labor + a home birth that made me once again question why I didn't just opt for a c-section (which would have been mandatory in a hospital), I was handed this little beauty. (And man was I grateful to have her in my arms rather than kicking my ribs.) She goes by "Ally." And she's epic.

Since that moment, I've been sleep deprived and working to get my feet back under not just myself, but my entire family.

The upstairs hasn't been vacuumed for three weeks, which is a slightly big deal with a 2 year old in the house.
Big sister adores her.
Laundry takes all week to get done.

In her handmade, great-grandma dress.
Dinners have been 50% store bought or fast food since she was born.

And all of that (and more) could be greatly discouraging and make me feel like a failure of a mom.

But I don't feel that way.

Not at all.

Every day I fight to get a little more done. Each evening we're a little better than the day before. Our routine is coming back into place and we're even establishing new and better aspects. There are set my 2 year old who dumps toys EVERYWHERE (especially my room), spills liquids all over the house (milk, juice, spaghetti sauce), sneaks into the vitamins and medicine, and wanders off with important things like makeup & baby necessities. Or there's my ADD 11 year old who periodically needs more watching than the two year old.

BUT the point is, we need to have patience with our circumstances, life, and our ability to achieve. Working toward "perfect" or even just "good" is hard. There are little victories along the way, and we have to celebrate them when they come. We can't get stuck in the overwhelms.

Today, I'm celebrating the fact that I'm going to visit a few friends that I've missed online. One more ball in the air--but it feels more like a helium balloon.

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What victory are you celebrating today? Who is NaNo-ing? And have you had any fabulous cheeses while I've been away?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Go It Alone, Together: IWSG & Baby Stuff

Have you noticed the change in our world?

We live in a society that seems increasingly isolated and connected at the same time. Everyone is interacting online, while face to face time is diminishing--even when surrounded by people.

At the same time, I have friends in Japan, South Africa, Australia and more, and I wouldn't have met any of them if not for this wonderful thing called blogging. And writing (of course). How cool is it to know that no matter where I go in the WORLD, I will have a friend near by? Mind-blowing.

Speaking of friends, a wonderful but newer blogging buddy decided to give me the online high five, aka, a blog award. *warm fuzzies*

So to Mandy, a HUGE thank you for the

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Three Things About Me:

1. I'm on the verge of having baby #5, which is mind-blowing. With 17 years between kids, I thought I'd be done a LONG time ago, but life doesn't play out the way you plan. Thankfully so. (I'd have missed so much epicness!)

2. My recent cheese obsession is Edam. Mmmm. There are so many AMAZING cheeses, but I found a regular import for this awesome cheese, and wow. Good stuff.

3. I don't geek out or form crushes on characters, actors, artists, etc. I'm not even super loyal to specific authors. (Sorry!) I love to read WIDELY and meet new writerly voices with almost every book. This is why I've read over 500 different authors and counting. AND I typically review all of them, unless there's one I really can't review because I didn't connect with the writing (that's like 1 in 50 books), or where I had to put the book down because the scene left me blushing furiously enough I could never recommend it. Still, I will NEVER forget a book I loved, and will typically circle back around to a series that grabbed me. Even 10 years later.

Questions I was asked:

1. What is your favorite breakfast (food + drink)? French toast with either water or apple juice.
2. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? So many places... The plan is to pick up and move places once we retire, living in varying foreign countries for between 3 and 18 months. Why? Because how else do you REALLY get to know the culture?
3. What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home? ...You want me to use my memory? At 9 months pregnant? Uh...
4. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done? Been falsely accused. But those who know I write would probably assume I'd researched something incriminating.
5. Is cereal a soup? / Is Boston cream … a pie or a cake? Cereal? No. Boston cream is a pie for sure.

Questions I'm asking:

1. Who is your inspiration?
2. What is the coolest or strangest place you've ever lived?
3. If you're not doing it already, what do (did) you want to be when you grow (grew) up?
4. If you had to live under the ocean, what would your best friend be? (Dolphin, shark, whale, seahorse, etc.) 
5. What's the last cheese you ate? ;)


I wish I could nominate everyone, just to let you all know how grateful I am for your friendship and writerly support. None of us would make it on our own, and I hope to one day get out and meet many of you wonderful people in my travels. After the baby is grown, just a bit. =)

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Last month, LA Dragoni shared GUARDIAN'S TOUCH along with two truths and one lie. Anyone who guessed which was the lie was entered to win up to two eBooks.

The game:

1. Once when riding with a friend, LA grabbed the dashboard and cried, “Careful! Watch out for the dog.” Her friend thought she was nuts, but when she turned the corner had to break to avoid hitting a dog running across the road.
2. LA has accurately predicted two earthquakes.
3. As a young girl, LA wanted to go on a day trip with her dad, but it was raining too hard. She flung her hands into the air and yelled stop. It did! Instantly! Though her father was freaked out, they departed on their adventure.

The lie: #1. It was actually a cat.

And the winner is:


Congrats, Mark!

And now it's time for me to be...

With a baby coming any day, I'm a tad bit distracted, but I'll be back when sanity prevails. In the meantime, I'm wishing you epic reads, many good feelings, and cheese. (Of course.)

Aren't you glad you don't have to go it alone? Tell me one unique/odd quirk about you? What's your favorite/least favorite thing about modern technology? Pick one of the above questions and tell me the answer in the comments!